Introducing the MaxTow Double Vision Gauge Series

Posted by Erica on Mar 11, 2015

The most accurate and innovative Diesel Gauge Series has just launched its new website. MaxTow invites all diesel lovers to check out their Double Vision Gauge Series! MaxTow’s Double Vision Gauge Series are available in a black or white face and features a green LED display, as well as an illuminated red needle. This will give you the classic look of an analog gauge while also giving you an easy to read green digital numerical readout, offering multiple options and added convenience when reading the output of your truck gauge.

The 2 1/16 inch or 52mm gauge series outperforms the competition by featuring the combination of electronic sensors and stepper motor technology, which allows for all needle movement to be exceptionally smooth and all gauge readings to be extremely accurate.

Each gauge also features advanced daytime and nighttime dimming modes with three customizable brightness settings (a low, medium, and high) for each mode. This allows for multiple dimming options you can set to your individual preference before hitting the road during the day or the late hours of the night. The included brightness recall function will remember the previous brightness setting you had on before powering down your vehicle so you won’t have to reset it every time you turn on your vehicle.

MaxTow gauges feature a 3 foot extended power wire, as well as 9 foot temperature and pressure sensor connections, assuring that you’ll have more than enough wire for a quick and easy installation. All gauge mounting hardware and installation instructions come standard with every MaxTow gauge purchase, as well as a one year limited warranty and free lifetime technical support. Get ready to hit the road and Tow to the Max!