3 Gauge Power Wire Harness

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MaxTow's 3 Gauge Power Wire Harness allows you to power 3 of your MaxTow Diesel Gauges from one harness connected to the power source. Using this accessory prevents wire clutter in your fuse box, under the hood of your truck and even in the pillar pod itself! Just simply install the bare wire to each appropriate source, and plug in the connectors to the back of each gauge. The length of this wire harness is 6.5ft and is only compatible with MaxTow Double Vision Gauges.

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  • Must have.

    Posted by EHS on Aug 12, 2019

    If you are doing multiples, this is a very time saving item.

  • Nice accessory

    Posted by paul jackson on Mar 02, 2017

    When purchasing the 3 gauges for my A-pillar pod, I opted to get this instead of taking all three power wires and wiring them in. Much cleaner and easier to run the one wire to my connection point than to have three. Also, the extra length is great for my application, I ran my wire to the stereo and used the wiring there to feed the system, as all you need hook up wise is there (switched power, constant, light dimmer, and ground) to add a nice custom install. Plugging the gauges in was a snap. Well worth the price if you are installing 3 gauges in a pod or near each other.

  • Wire harness needs to be Longer

    Posted by Harold on Oct 23, 2015

    Most fuse blocks are under the hood in the engine compartment now. You are trying to get power from the fuse block to the pillar. The harness was about 18" inches short. I guess if I had gone thru just under the windshield it would have reached. But I went thru the fire wall.

  • Not Long Enough

    Posted by Harold on Oct 17, 2015

    Maybe my 2004 Dodge is different than others, but I don't think so. Buying an accessory like this you should not have to splice extra wire onto it to reach the fuse box from the pillar. Needed about 18 inches.