New Product Alert | MaxTow Double Vision™ Truck Fuel Gauges

Ever think about upgrading the stock fuel level gauge in your truck? MaxTow’s brand new Truck Fuel Gauges were made for any driver looking to switch out their stock gauge or build a custom dash. Especially when the stock fuel gauge isn’t always as reliable and accurate as it shou […]

New Product Alert | Turbo Diesel Truck Exhaust Pressure Gauge

We heard you loud and clear. You wanted a Double Vision™ Exhaust Pressure Gauge dedicated to your turbo diesel truck, and we made it happen. The latest addition to the MaxTow lineup, our Exhaust Manifold Pressure Gauges come in 60 PSI and 100 PSI versions. You’ll be able to accu […]

New Product Alert | Add-On Cup Holder for 2003-2012 Dodge Ram

We brought them back, baby! Years ago we had Add-On Cup Holders as part of our inventory of truck accessories. They fit right in front of the center console and make it easy to stash a drink so you can quickly grab it when you’re driving. They were pretty popular with our custo […]

New Product Alert | Ambient Air Temperature Gauge

Many newer trucks already have an ambient air temperature sensor built into them, but that isn’t the same for a lot of the classics. We were reminded of that when our customers with OBS Fords, older Dodge Ram trucks, Chevys and more reached out to us about creating an outside air […]

New Product Alert | 15 PSI Fuel Pressure Gauge

Building on our lineup of Fuel Pressure Gauges, our latest addition to the MaxTow family is a 15 PSI Fuel Pressure Gauge which delivers readings from 0 to 15 PSI. When we created this gauge we were thinking about trucks that run low pressure applications, something you’ll see on […]

New Product Alert | Differential Temperature Gauge

Are you doing enough to stay on top of your truck’s differential temperature? If you push your truck to the limits -- covering a lot of ground or towing heavy cargo -- diff temp can affect the performance of your transmission and rear differential. That’s why we added a 2-1/16” […]

New Product Alert | Intake Temperature Gauge

We’re always looking to expand the lineup of MaxTow Performance Gauges we have available for our customers. Our goal is to give our fellow drivers the ability to monitor a lot of different applications to get maximum longevity out of their truck’s engine. With that said we’re br […]