About Us

MaxTow Performance was born from GlowShift Gauges in 2012 to bring Diesel and Truck enthusiasts a Gauge Series line built tough with one goal in mind. We wanted to bring the best of both worlds, Digital & Analog readings into the hands of the drivers who need it the most. We wanted to bring everything we learned in 10+ years into a gauge series that had every diesel driver in mind. We didn’t want to miss anything when bringing top of the line performance where it was needed most. The entire series is built off of electronic sensors and stand-alone wiring, eliminating the need for any extra wiring or headaches with this series. When the Gauge series launched in 2012, it had 3 Dimmer Modes. We saw quickly that this was simply not enough and soon after it was launched we brought out version #2 which features an incredible 6 dimmer function, both 3 dimmers for daytime and both 3 dimmers for nighttime. This would ensure that no matter the time of day you would get a clear and accurate visual of the gauge without being too bright at night. We saw that the series needed improvements and made them so each customer would have the best driving experience day or night.

Soon after the launch of Version 2, we were in development of the White MaxTow Gauge Series. We wanted to cater to the Truck’s with both factory black and white clusters to really match the truck’s interior to get the best look. Everything in the series was built with the best components for long lasting operation. We want the gauges to last as long as you own the truck. You invest time and money into the truck and we want to be with you while you monitor all the vital essentials in the truck.

MaxTow Gauges will continue to develop and adapt to the Diesel enthusiasts for years to come. So sit down and enjoy the long haul together with many new and exciting products on the way. Get ready to hit the road and Tow to the Max®!