About Us

MaxTow Performance was established in 2012 with the goal of introducing a lineup of truck-specific gauges, pods and gauge accessories made by truck owners, for truck owners. With over a decade of experience developing gauges and pods leading up to the foundation of MaxTow, we wanted to bring everything we learned into a set of high performance gauges and pods, built tough with every gas and diesel truck driver in mind.

The first step was creating an innovative Gauge Series that would outperform other styles while enhancing your truck’s cabin at the same time. That’s exactly what we accomplished with our Double Vision™ Series, which incorporates the best of both worlds with analog and digital readouts on an ultra-bright LED display that has an illuminated red needle which sweeps 270°.

You can choose between either a black or white gauge face, with a green or blue display. Our goal was to cater to both factory black and white clusters to seamlessly match a truck’s interior and accomplish the right look for yours. Double Vision™ Series Gauges are built with premium parts, resulting in quick at-a-glance readings delivered with pinpoint accuracy. That includes electronic sensors and stand-alone wiring, eliminating the need for any extra wiring or headaches.

Our gauges also feature customizable brightness settings including 3 Daytime and 3 Nighttime Dimming Modes (low, medium, high), allowing you to set the right amount of lighting when you’re hitting the road at day or night. An included brightness recall function will also remember the previous brightness setting you had before powering down your truck.

When it comes to our inventory of truck gauges, we’re constantly working on new types of gauges and adding to the list. You can monitor a wide range of systems for your Cummins, Power Stroke, Duramax and other engines with options including Fuel Pressure, Boost, Water Temperature, Pyrometer EGT, Trans Temp Gauges and much more. Stay on top of those critical readouts and improve the performance of your truck.

To round out the MaxTow product lineup you can choose between a variety of truck gauge pods that are either vehicle-specific in multiple color options or universal. Like everything made by MaxTow, these pods are tough, durable and built to last like your truck. Select either pillar or dashboard pods that will also enhance the look of your truck’s cabin.

In the years to come, MaxTow Performance will continue to be an industry leader by introducing gauges and pods that are ahead of the curve and built with any serious truck owner in mind. So find the right gauges and pods for your truck and commit today to better engine performance over the long haul.Get ready to hit the road and Tow to the Max®!