Wiring Harnesses

MaxTow manufactures and stocks installation accessories that make installing your MaxTow gauges even easier. Gauge wiring harnesses are available in options to power 2, 3 or 4 gauges from one harness connected to the power source. Using a power wire harness will prevent wire clutter in your pillar pod, fuse box, and under the hood. Install your HPOP, Fuel Rail Pressure, EGT and other popular gauges using these wiring harness kits and you’ll be ready to monitor vital engine applications. Simply install the bare wire to each appropriate source, and plug in the connectors to the back of each corresponding gauge. These wire harnesses are available in various lengths from 6.5ft up to 40ft and are only compatible with MaxTow Double Vision Gauges. Each MaxTow truck wiring kit purchase also includes a one year limited warranty and free lifetime tech support. Get ready to hit the road and Tow to the Max®!