Black & Green MaxTow Transmission Temperature Gauge

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Black & Green MaxTow Series
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Transmission Temperature
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80 - 260° F
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MaxTow 260F Transmission Temperature Gauge Kit - Double Vision | Digital & Analog Readings - Electronic Sensor - Black Dial | Green LED - 2-1/16"
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MaxTow’s Double Vision™ Series Transmission Temperature Gauge is an electronically driven truck gauge that includes an electronic temperature sensor that reads and displays your vehicle’s automatic transmission temperature from 80 to 260 degrees Fahrenheit with unmatched accuracy. This transmission temperature gauge allows you to easily monitor the temperature of your transmission, ensuring that is does not overheat and cause major damage, making it perfect for any truck with an automatic transmission that is towing heavy loads or travelling long distances.

MaxTow’s Double Vision Gauge Series features a green digital LED display, as well as an illuminated red needle, which will give you the classic look of an analog gauge while also giving you an easy to read green LED numerical readout. The Double Vision Gauge Series outperforms the competition by offering multiple options and added convenience when it comes to monitoring your trucks most vital functions! This 2 1/16 inch (52mm) transmission temperature gauge features stepper motor technology which allows for all needle movement to be exceptionally smooth and all gauge readings to be extremely accurate, ensuring your truck’s vital parts are functioning properly. Our diesel transmission temperature gauge also features innovative daytime and nighttime dimming modes with three customizable brightness settings (low, medium, high) for each mode, giving you multiple dimming options that allow you to your set your individual preference when hitting the road during the day or the late hours of the night! The included brightness recall function will remember the previous brightness setting you had on before powering your vehicle down so you won’t have to reset it every time you turn your vehicle on.

Experience the difference with MaxTow's temperature sensors and wiring harnesses, now featuring new and improved waterproof connectors. These upgraded connectors have been designed to create an even stronger link between your sensor and gauge. They also offer true plug-and-play connectivity, making the installation process easy. These durable and reinforced harnesses will provide a strong, long lasting connection that ensures your wiring harnesses are around as long as your truck. Each temperature gauge features a 1/8-27 NPT sensor with waterproof connector, 9’ sensor harness with waterproof connector and a 5’ power harness. MaxTow includes mounting hardware, installation instructions, free lifetime technical support and a one year limited warranty with each purchase. Get ready to hit the road and Tow to the Max™

  • 2-1/16" Black Face Gauge with a Magnified Lens
  • Gauge Depth Measures 1-5/16"
  • Transmission Temperature Reading from 80 to 260 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Double Vision Display Feature with Analog and Digital Readings
  • Green LED Through Dial Lighting with a Red Illuminated Needle
  • Daytime Dimming Mode with 3 Customizable Brightness Settings
  • Nighttime Dimming Mode with 3 Customizable Brightness Settings
  • 1/8-27 NPT Temperature Sensor with Waterproof Connector
  • 9' Sensor Wire Harness with Waterproof Connector
  • 5' Power Wire Harness
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Installation Instructions
  • Free Lifetime Technical Support
  • One Year Limited Warranty
Tech Specs
Range of Reading: 80° - 260° Fahrenheit
Diameter of Gauge: 2-1/16" or 52mm
Depth of Gauge: 1-5/16" or 33mm
12-Volt Power Required:
Power Wire Harness Length: 5'
Sensor Wire Harness Length: 9'
Included Parts List: Power Harness, Sensor Harness, Temperature Sensor, Mounting Hardware, Gauge Visor & Instructions
Sensor Thread Size: 1/8-27 NPT
Actual Sensor Size: 5/8" Diameter
Power Harness Gauge Size: 18 Gauge

Includes an installation guide which is available online and included with your order. You can also visit our library of installation videos which include complete step-by-step tutorials and useful tips on how to install a wide range of MaxTow products.

Download and Print the PDF PDF Instructions

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  • Works as described

    Posted by Ralph Robson on Mar 05, 2019

    Works and looks great

  • trans tem gauge

    Posted by David on Aug 24, 2018

    excellent quality; detailed instructions

  • Mixed feelings

    Posted by Christopher Gregory Dallas on Mar 13, 2018

    I installed it as soon as it came. Wasn't very happy with the mounting bracket, but i made it work and found a very nice spot to mount it in my dash. Worked great out the box for the first week. Then all of a sudden it started glitching. It would jump from 80 to 160. It would just keep bouncing all over the place. I checked all the wires, everything was good. Next day nothing back to normal. Its done it two other times since then but has been working fine the last couple days. Ive only had it about 2 weeks. Love the look of it and if it stop with the glitches I'd as happy as they come!

  • Great gauge

    Posted by Johny on Feb 17, 2017

    Good product. fast shipping. easy to install.

  • temp guage

    Posted by Troy on Oct 30, 2016

    excellent product great shipping very easy to install would recommend this to anyone used my foxbody mustang

  • What I was needing

    Posted by Dan on May 02, 2016

    What I was needing and was cheap.the shipping was fasthe to.

  • Transmission Temp Gauge Great Product

    Posted by Neil on Apr 11, 2016

    I bought this to put on my Class C motorhome since it did not have a transmission temp gauge from the factory. Easy install. Found the test port on my transmission. Located the power wires under my dash and made the connections. Now I know how hot my transmission is getting when I'm pulling my enclosed trailer with all my toys.

  • Put sencor close as possible to exit port

    Posted by Jeff cardinale on Mar 03, 2016

    Should've stated that the sensor should be placed within a few inches of exit port of transmission. I put Mine on the apposite side of transmission where was easy to work on. But now there is a 30° change when driving down the road.