35 PSI Coolant Pressure Gauge | Monitor Your Truck’s Coolant System

Posted by Matt P. on Jun 24, 2020

MaxTow Double Vision™ Truck Coolant Pressure Gauge
  • Truck Coolant Pressure Gauges
  • Double Vision™ LED Gauge Display
  • Electronic Pressure Sensor
  • 9' Sensor Harness
  • Protect Coolant System
  • Ensure Head Gaskets are Intact
  • Confirm the Thermostat is Working
  • Catch Radiator or Hose Leaks

Check out the latest addition to our MaxTow Truck Gauge lineup. We recently put the final stamp of approval on our 35 PSI Coolant Pressure Gauges and we look forward to hearing what our fellow truck owners think about it.

We created this 2-1/16” (52mm) gauge specifically for any driver who wants to keep a close eye on coolant pressure levels. A lot of customers are actually making their own coolant pressure gauge kits these days, so we decided to save the time and effort by making it for them.

If there are any issues with your head gaskets or thermostat, or if you have some type of radiator or hose leak, this coolant pressure gauge will give you a heads up. That way you’ll have the advance warning you need to avoid something that could end up causing a bigger problem for your engine.

But you’re not only getting a reliable gauge that helps you look out for your truck. This gauge will also look great on the A-pillar or dash in your cabin. That’s because it features our Double Vision™ Gauge Series which comes with a simultaneous analog and digital coolant pressure gauge display, complete with several different LED lighting color combos.

So when you’re maximizing the output of your Power Stroke, Cummins, Duramax or other engine, our coolant pressure gauge will keep you alerted to avoid any snags with your coolant pressure levels and enhance the look of your truck’s interior at the same time.