Ambient Air Temperature Gauge For Classic Trucks

Posted by Matt P. on Feb 01, 2021

Double Vision™ Truck Ambient Temperature Gauge
  • Truck Ambient Temp Gauges
  • Double Vision™ LED Gauge Display
  • Outside Temperature Sensor
  • 9' Pressure Sensor Harness
  • 5' Power Harness
  • For Older Trucks
  • Get Instant Feedback
  • Outside Temp Affects Performance

Many newer trucks already have an ambient air temperature sensor built into them, but that isn’t the same for a lot of the classics. We were reminded of that when our customers with OBS Fords, older Dodge Ram trucks, Chevys and more reached out to us about creating an outside air temperature gauge.

We heard you, and we made it happen.

MaxTow’s Ambient Air Temperature Gauge displays outside air temp from -20° to 120° Fahrenheit. We all know the temperature can affect the way our truck rides, and this 52mm gauge helps you keep an eye on temperatures that are way too high or too low which can lead to engine knocking, overheating, a loss in horsepower and more.

Not only do these gauges deliver accurate readouts, but they’re also gonna look great in your truck’s cabin. Part of the Double Vision™ Gauge Series, they’re equipped with analog and digital ultra-bright LED displays. And with 4 different color combinations to choose between you can also match them to your other MaxTow Gauges. Daytime and Nighttime Dimming Modes and other integrated features come standard.

Like the gauge itself, the waterproof ambient temperature sensor that comes with it is built to last. We made the sensor with a black stem and 2 blade connector and you can install it to any lower area of your truck -- pretty much anywhere that isn’t affected by engine heat. Just use the included mounting bracket and make sure it doesn’t come in contact with moving parts.

Our Ambient Temperature Gauge also comes with sensor and power harnesses that have extended wire lengths, mounting hardware and more so you’ll have everything you need for the install. Get yours set up and keep an eye on those changing outdoor temps.