Grab A Drink | Add-On Cup Holder for 2003-2012 Dodge Ram

Posted by Matt P. on Jun 25, 2021

Dodge Ram Cup Holder At MaxTow
  • Dodge Ram Cup Holder
  • Made For 2003-2012 Ram Trucks
  • Truck-Specific Design
  • For Automatic Transmissions
  • Spacer Included
  • Holds (2) Cups
  • Spot for Cell Phone
  • Grab a Drink with No Hassles

We brought 'em back, baby!

Years ago we had Add-On Cup Holders as part of our inventory of truck accessories. They fit right in front of the center console and make it easy to stash a drink so you can quickly grab it when you’re driving.

They were pretty popular with our customers and we got a lot of solid feedback on them. At one point though we decided to put them on pause as we concentrated on expanding our stock of truck gauges and pods.

Well, we’re glad to say that MaxTow Add-On Cup Holders are officially part of the lineup again! We’re kicking it off with an Add-On Cup Holder for the 2003-2012 Dodge Ram. This Dodge Ram cup holder was made specifically for the 03-12 Ram 1500, 2500 & 3500. We took our time making sure we got the measurements right so that it fits perfectly right in front of the center console.

You can store two drinks in a few different-sized containers like insulated bottles, coffee mugs with a handle, tumblers, soda cans and more. There’s also a spot for a cell phone. When you’re driving, this Dodge Ram console cup holder is literally right there so you can easily pick up a drink without distractions.

Best part is the install’s easy and you don’t need any hardware. There’s a spacer to add to the center console using the factory hardware: this spacer makes sure that the console lid closes properly. Aside from that, you just set it up in the right position and you’re ready to go.

One thing we would recommend is that you only use this cup holder with an automatic transmission. If you have a manual, it might not be as easy to shift with the Dodge Ram cup holder insert in place.

We can’t wait to see what our fellow truck owners think now that we have our Add-On Cup Holders back in stock. For anyone with an 03-12 Dodge Ram, this first version was made just for you. Enjoy the easy access to drinks, your phone, and anything else you decide to store and let us know what you think!