Fire up the Stacks, MaxTow Blog is Here

Posted by Erica on Jan 07, 2015

Welcome to the new MaxTow blog! MaxTow welcomes you to check out their new website along with unveiling the MaxTow blog to keep diesel lovers up to date with the latest and greatest news and information on everything MaxTow Gauges!

MaxTow Gauges has already become a leader in the diesel gauge market when they debuted their innovative brand on the GlowShift website. MaxTow’s Double Vision™ Gauge Series stands above the rest in the diesel gauge market offering a classic look of an analog gauge while also giving you an easy to read green or blue digital numerical readout. MaxTow Double Vision™ Series Gauges are available in black or white face and features a green or blue LED display, as well as an illuminated red needle. So if you’re in the market for diesel gauges, look no further than MaxTow!

We have started this blog specifically for our customers whether you already have our gauges installed, are considering buying them or are finding out about them for the first time. We look forward to sharing product spotlights, product and video installs, and information about the types of gauges along with recommendations for which gauges will be key for your truck. Bookmark us, share this blog with friends, and find us on Facebook to stay up to date with everything MaxTow!

We love to hear from our customers and encourage feedback on all our posts. Whether you have questions, comments, concerns, or ideas, please share with us. We look forward to using our blog as a platform for sharing information back and forth and hope to learn a thing or two from each one of you! Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel, and follow us on our Facebook and Instagram accounts to keep up with everything we have going on! In the meantime, get ready to hit the road and Tow to the Max™