MaxTow’s HPOP Gauges

Posted by Erica on Jan 05, 2017

Driving a Ford Power Stroke 6.0L or 7.3L? You may want to invest in a MaxTow Double Vision High Pressure Oil Pressure Gauge to effectively monitor the high pressure entering the oil pumps in your Ford engine. MaxTow HPOP Gauges are electronically driven and will read your truck’s HPOP from 0 to 4,000 PSI.

You may be wondering why monitoring the HPOP is so important for your Power Stroke engine. In a Power Stroke engine, the HPOP is what drives the injectors to supply the fuel to the engine. The HPOP works by receiving oil from the low pressure oil pump in order to drive the injectors, then the internal computer tells the injectors exactly when to fire. The HPOP pressure can be anywhere within 500 to 3,000 PSI. If your truck has a weak or defective HPOP, you could be starving your injectors of fuel which could lead to a fuel system failure.

The MaxTow Double Vision HPOP Gauge is available with a white or black face and feature an analog display using an illuminated red needle combined with a green or blue digital LED readout. The 52mm gauge features stepper motor technology that allows for extremely smooth needle movement to keep up with the changing pressures of your truck. Each MaxTow HPOP Gauge includes a 9’ sensor harness and 3’ power harness that connects to the power source of your Ford.

Installing a HPOP Gauge into your truck allows you to get extremely accurate readings directly from the source to ensure everything is functioning properly. To install, simply connect the included 9’ gauge sensor wires to the factory injector control pressure sensor (ICP sensor). If you want to avoid splicing any factory wiring, use the HPOP Gauge Wiring Pigtail Harness! To install the pigtail harness, simply disconnect the ICP sensor harness connectors and plug in the new HPOP pigtail harness and you’re set.

All necessary mounting hardware and installation instructions come with each gauge as well as free lifetime technical support and a one year limited warranty.