Protect Your Truck’s Intercooler with an Intake Temperature Gauge

Posted by Matt P. on Jul 07, 2020

MaxTow Double Vision™ Truck Intake Temperature Gauge
  • Intake Temp Gauge For Trucks
  • Double Vision™ LED Gauge Display
  • Reads From 0 to 300° Fahrenheit
  • Air Intake Temp Sensor
  • 9' Sensor Harness
  • 5' Power Harness
  • Catch Unusual Temperature Spikes
  • Monitor Intercooler Efficiency

Expanding the lineup of MaxTow Performance Gauges we have available for our customers is one of our top priorities. Our goal is to give our fellow drivers the ability to monitor a lot of different applications to get maximum longevity out of their truck’s engine.

With that said we’re bringing our newest gauge into the fold: the 2-1/16” (52mm) MaxTow Intake Temperature Gauge. This intake manifold temperature gauge will give you down-to-the-second, accurate readings from 0 to 300° Fahrenheit to measure the temp of the air entering your truck’s intercooler.

We’re always looking out for your truck, and by using this gauge effectively you’ll get perks like better engine performance, increased horsepower, and optimal fuel efficiency. Like many of our gauges, you’ll have everything you need for the install process too. This comes with a 3/8-18 NPT Intake Air Temperature Sensor, Sensor Harness, Power Wire, Mounting Hardware and more.

You heard about our Double Vision™ Gauge Series, right? This gauge not only helps you monitor intercooler air temp, but it also looks great when installed in your cabin. The gauge face features dual analog and digital LED displays with your choice between several color combinations.

So pick up your MaxTow Intake Air Temperature Gauge and take another step to ensure your truck is at its best for years to come. We’re always here to help if you have any questions about the gauge or the install process. Before you know it you’ll have access to intercooler temp readings on an ultra-bright LED display that enhances your truck’s interior.