Turbo Diesel Truck Exhaust Pressure Gauge By Popular Demand

Posted by Matt P. on Nov 30, 2021

MaxTow Double Vision™ Exhaust Pressure Gauge
  • Exhaust Drive Pressure Gauges
  • Double Vision™ LED Gauge Display
  • 60 PSI or 100 PSI Versions
  • Electronic Pressure Sensor
  • 5' Copper Tubing
  • Compression Fittings
  • 9' Sensor Harness
  • 5' Power Harness

We heard you loud and clear. You wanted a Double Vision™ Exhaust Pressure Gauge dedicated to your turbo diesel truck, and we made it happen.

The latest addition to the MaxTow lineup, our Exhaust Manifold Pressure Gauges come in 60 PSI and 100 PSI versions. You’ll be able to accurately measure how much exhaust pressure is driving your truck’s turbo compared to the amount of boost pressure produced.

This 2-1/16” (52mm) exhaust drive pressure gauge has done extremely well in our GlowShift division with strong reviews and great customer feedback. After getting a bunch of requests to add it to our MaxTow truck gauges, we got to work and finally finished up production. It took some time, but it was worth it.

The Double Vision™ Gauge Series is one-of-a-kind with dual analog and digital LED readouts. You get to choose between 4 different color combinations with a black or white gauge dial and green or blue display. Not to mention features like Daytime and Nighttime Dimming Modes that adjust brightness levels anytime you’re driving.

As a complete diesel exhaust back pressure gauge kit, you get everything you need for installation including an Electronic Pressure Sensor, Copper Cooling Tubing, Compression Fittings, Wiring Harnesses and more.

Drill into your truck’s exhaust manifold or use an aftermarket port to install the sensor and run the wiring to the cabin. You can use the included Mounting Bracket to install the gauge. An aftermarket gauge pod for your dashboard, A-pillar, center console or another location is an option too.

Keeping that exhaust pressure-to-boost pressure 1:1 ratio is no easy thing to do. We know. But MaxTow’s Exhaust Pressure Gauge will help you get your diesel truck as close to that ratio as possible. That way you’ll get optimal performance in your truck’s turbo, especially if you’re running higher boost.