Replacement Exhaust Temperature Sensor Harness

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MaxTow's Replacement Exhaust Temperature Gauge Sensor Harness will replace the existing harness being used for your MaxTow Double Vision Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge.

The Version 2 Harness features 6' of steel braided wire that is attached to a female 2 pin waterproof connector that connects to the exhaust temperature probe and a black 3 pin modular connector that plugs into the back of the gauge. The black 3 pin connector features 2 wires attached that are labeled and positioned as: 1 - No Wire, 2 - Pink, 3 - Blue.

Please refer to the list below to verify your gauge is compatible with this sensor harness.

  • 2200° F Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge
    MT-DV08, MT-WDV08, MT-BDV08, MT-WBDV08
  • 1500° F Pyrometer EGT Gauge
    MT-DV08_1500, MT-WDV08_1500, MT-BDV08_1500, MT-WBDV08_1500